Supply Chain Sankey

With this free web app you can create a downloadable sankey map. Such map provides insight on flows and location througputs and shows imbalances between inbound and outbound volume that might be a data validity issue that needs further investigation (in below example warehouse B2 shows a relatively large imbalance).

Map height
Node - Box width
Node - Font size
Node - Font color
Node - Font width
Flow - Font size
Flow - Font color
Flow - Font width
Flow - Line shape
X-position of a stage, for each stage (1,2,3,...)
Y-margin between nodes of a stage, for each stage (1,2,3,...)
Filter - flow labeling - qty threshold
(Only if flow qty > threshold then label is shown)
Draw map
Download map
You can simply copy-paste from Excel file (tab separated). Or enter data semicolon separated. Do not copy-paste table headers, but data rows only.


NodeID  |  Stage  |  Label (optional)  |  Color (optional)  |  Offset_X (optional)  |  Offset_Y (optional)

  • NodeID is a free format identifier of the node, used to define flows between nodes (From_NodeID → To_NodeID).

  • Stage means process step in the flow. For example: supplier (stage 1) → warehouse (stage 2) → customers (stage 3). Nodes within the same stage appear below each other. The number of stages as such is not limited.

  • Color can be set as RGBA (red,green,blue,alpha).
    • Red, green, blue are numbers between 1 and 255. You can use this color picker to determine values →
    • Alpha is a number between 0.0 (fully transparent) and 1.0 (fully opaque).
    • By default, flows get the color of origin node. But you can override it by specifying a color at individual flow level.

  • Node positions and node heights are automatically calculated based on flow quantities (and positions also based on the sequence of your input). With Offset_X and Offset_Y you can adjust a node's X and Y position.

It is advised to express flow quantities as numbers without thousand and decimal separator (whole number).


From_NodeID  |  To_NodeID  |  Quantity  |  Label (optional)  |  Color (optional)