Free Batch Geocoder & Alternatives

This online batch geocoder retrieves latitude and longitude of multiple adresses. It is based on OpenStreetMap API. Note that if a city name is misspelled or the address does not match the underlying OSM database, then OSM does not return geocodes, as it has no spelling correction/closest match algorithm.


Your input data

Download Excel template
  • Enter your data tab separated (copy-paste from Excel file) or semicolon separated.
  • Do not enter table headers.
  • Check your postal codes for leading zeroes! If - for example - you notice German or French postal codes with only 4 digits only in your data instead of 5, then there is a leading zero issue/missing. This issue is quickly caused in/by Excel if you have not set your postal code column to type "text". Incorrect postal codes will cause geocoding problems.
  • You may enter country and postal code only, or country and city only. However, the more valid address data entered, the more precise geocodes will become.