Free Batch Geocoder & Alternatives

Free Batch Geocoder retrieves latitude and longitude of multiple adresses. It is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) API.

Note that if the address data does not match OSM data 100% (for instance, because city was misspelled), then OSM simply will not return geocodes, as it has no closest match algorithm. You then may want to use some superior geocoder as alternative.

Excel interfaces with geocoders (free up to some amount)

There are many geocoding service providers. Below Stelling Consulting offers free Excel interfaces to different geocoding service providers. They all offer spelling correction, hence the "hit rate" becomes almost 100% (whereas OSM's "hit rate" can be considerably lower).
  1. Download Excel Batch Geocoder - Google Maps   (50kB - downloaded 822 times, developed by Stelling Consulting, 2022‑02‑16, use at own risk). You will need to create your own Google Maps key (not that easily done, compared to other providers below) to run it. Free to use, up to some amount. After that, you will need to pay Google Maps.

  2. Download Excel Batch Geocoder - TomTom   (53kB - downloaded 722 times, developed by Stelling Consulting, 2022‑02‑18, use at own risk). You will need to create your own TomTom key (easily done) to run it. Free to use, up to some amount. After that, you will need to pay TomTom which is less expensive than Google Maps or some other geocoding providers.

  3. Download Excel Batch Geocoder - BING (developed by a 3rd party, use at own risk). You will need to create your own Microsoft Bing key (easily done) to run it. If you qualify for free use, then the Basic key offers limited free use, else you need to setup an Enterprise key. file (free)

Download geocode files from (1 per country, 1 for world) , import data into Excel, and XLOOKUP latitudes/longitudes.

Online batch geocoder (paid by credit card)

If you do not want to waste time on setting up an account, then you can use online Batch Geocoder - developed by Stelling Consulting, based on Google Maps API.

Download Excel template
  • Enter fields semicolon or tab separated (copy from Excel file, or import template).
  • Do not enter table headers.
  • Check your postal codes for leading zeroes! If - for example - you notice German or French postal codes with only 4 digits only in your data instead of 5, then there is a leading zero issue/missing. This issue is quickly caused in/by Excel if you had not set your postal code column to type "text". Incorrect postal codes will cause geocoding problems.
  • None of the address fields is obligatory as such. You may enter country and postal code only, or country and city only. However, the more valid address data entered, the more precise geocodes can become. But also note that if a city or street name is misspelled and does not match underlying OSM database, then OSM does not return geocodes (and it would have been better to leave out such misspelled name).