Map Maker

With this free web app you can create a downloadable map with locations and flows between locations - helpful for analyzing your supply chain.
You can (un)hide customers/warehouses/plants/suppliers/flows separately via the layer control in the upper right corner of the map.

Label font size
Label font color
Location radius scale factor
⇐ Set customer size such that top legend value becomes  
Flow scale factor
Flow scale power factor
Minimum flow width
Maximum flow width
Location border width
Location opacity
Flow opacity

Location type
Plot order
C= circle (customer)
W= square (warehouse)
P= square (plant)
S= circle (supplier)
Arrow size
Arrow scaled to flow size
Arrow close to originArrow close to destination
Save map settings
Reload settings key
If you leave the key empty, then the default settings will be restored.
Store this key with the map if you want to be able to reload some time later.
  Center Latitude  
Filter out locations with a size below
Filter out locations with a size above
Filter out flows with a quantity below
Filter out flows with a quantity above
Clear all data
Draw map

Data source

Manual input
Batch Geocoder results file - as generated by Batch Geocoder

Batch Geocoder results file

Highlight locations with geocode precision ROOFTOP
Copy-paste Batch Geocoder results file generated by Batch Geocoder into text area
Under Map settings you can adjust:
  • circle sizes - via location radius scale factor
  • colors - ROOFTOP locations via location type S, all others via location type C


LatitudeLongitudeSizeType (opt)Label (opt)Color (opt)Opacity (opt)

Flows (optional)

From_LatitudeFrom_LongitudeTo_LatitudeTo_LongitudeQuantityColor (opt)

Data import

You can copy-paste directly from Excel file (tab separated) into text area (or enter data semicolon separated).
Or download the template and use Import button below.

Download Excel template
Decimal commas are automatically converted to decimal points, and thousands separators removed.
  • Latitude, Longitude is the result of converting a textual address into geographic coordinates,
    a process called geocoding. You can use:
  • Size (locations) and Quantity (flows) are numeric values.
  • Type (optional) can be set to C, W, P, or S (Customer, Warehouse, Plant, or Supplier).
    If not specified, then C is used as default type.
  • Each location type has its own shape and color.
    Generic C/W/P/S colors can be adjusted via Map Settings (found directly below the map).
  • Color (optional) contains a color code (see color picker below)
    If this field is specified, then it overrides the generic C/W/P/S colors.
  • Pick color →     Color =
  • Label (optional) is free format text that is displayed as label on the map.
  • Opacity (optional) is a numeric value between 0.00 (fully transparent) and 1.00 (fully opaque).
    If specified, then it overrides the generic Location opacity value as set via Map Settings.